Art Project  "A return visit". Video, photography, 2018-2020

"The act of insubordination as a free action is the beginning of thinking”.

2018 - 2020 / Video Art

"The act of insubordination as a free action is the beginning of thinking"

Nowadays photo reporting is a form of contemporary art because our epoch is time of reporting rather than the time a pice of art.  

Photography metaphorically stops the mechanism of disintegration of the human body, creates the distance necessary to overcome existential fear. The act of insubordination as a free action is the beginning of thinking. Going beyond nature, separating oneself from nature and another person means realizing one's nakedness and the appearance of shame. The process of separation itself is a form of death, the death of attachments, a kind of Requiem.


In the video artist is digging a mass grave. This mass grave can be used during major conflicts such as war and crime, as well as in nowadays it may be used after a famine, epidemic, or natural disaster. When murders and funerals become the norm instead of rare events then - “death becomes creation”.

Requiem for Belarusian culture.


This art project examines modern concepts of physicality related to the theme of human alienation from the body. The relevance of this topic is determined by a new turn of the traditional problem of the relationship between the human soul and body, which comes not from ontological grounds, but from socio-cultural ones (we are the perfect reflection of the culture we are living in and we react to the outer world based on our in-built cultural code). The corporeality is understood as a structure of three phenomena: the natural "body" of the individual, the body as an individual artificial construct, and the collective body as a socio-cultural integrity. I propose the hypothesis that if a person is left alone with physical reality, he cuts off the symbolic plane of corporeality necessary to overcome the alienation of the body.

2018 - 2020 / Photography