Art Classes.

Create your own masterpiece with professional artist Oleg Kostyuchenko!

Doesn't matter how old are you or if you have any painting experience or not.

Enjoy a good atmosphere, tasty coffee, and a painting class by professional artist and teacher Oleg Kostyuchenko.


During 2-3 hours I’ll teach you to paint like a pro. There is no need to have any experience in painting or drawing - my lessons are built in such a way that anyone can paint their own kind of masterpiece and learn how to understand and how create art. 

Art classes offer numerous advantages that can positively impact a person's cognitive, emotional, and social development:

1. Improves creativity: Art classes provide a platform to explore and express creativity. It helps in developing innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

2. Enhances fine motor skills: Art requires fine motor skills, such as holding a paintbrush or pencil. Regular practice of such activities can improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

3. Reduces stress: Engaging in artistic activities can reduce stress and anxiety. It provides a form of relaxation and can be used as a therapeutic tool.

4. Improves focus and concentration: Art classes demand focus and concentration, which can help in developing these skills. This can also improve academic performance.

5. Boosts self-esteem: Creating artwork can give a sense of accomplishment, which can improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

6. Develops communication skills: Art classes can improve communication skills, as it requires students to discuss and explain their artwork.

7. Enhances cultural awareness: Art classes can expose students to different cultures and perspectives, fostering an appreciation for diversity.

8. Provides a form of self-expression: Art classes provide a safe space for students to express themselves through their artwork, which can help in developing emotional intelligence.

I propose for you two variants: personal art classes and group art classes "Art & Coffee", please choose what works for you the best and book your time. 

Personal Class

private lesson and practice



We will work on your request. Before the class, we will have a free diagnostic call and you'll tell me about your experience, needs, and expectations. We'll schedule a time for your private class. During the class, I'll share with you my knowledge and professional experience in contemporary art.


a group class, book your seat



Friendly atmosphere, interesting people, and a group of like-minded people. We'll talk about art and culture and create your masterpiece.